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Turn To Accurate Irrigation When You Want The Very Best!

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  • For quality irrigation in Sarasota, FL, callon our licensed professionals at AccurateIrrigation.

  • With busy schedules, many homeowners find it difficult to stay up-to-date with the needs of their irrigation systems.

  • Just like a vehicle needs routine maintenance, your irrigation system requires regular adjustments and maintenance, as well.

  • From inspecting the working pressure of your irrigation (measured in PSI), to irrigation system installation, our services are guaranteed to replenish the moisture for your yard.

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  • Poly and netafim drip systems

  • Valve diagnostic and repair

  • Valve location service

  • Sprinkler timer repair and installation

  • Maxi jet misting system conversion

  • Pump repair and diagnostic

  • Head and pipe repair

  • New pool cut and cap

  • Installations and revamps

  • Wire diagnostic

  • Full system tune/ups

  • Maintenance programs


















We at Accurate Irrigation specialize in inspecting and providing expert irrigation maintenance for single residential homes. By scheduling regular checkups on your sprinklers and drip systems, you can prevent more extensive, costly repairs later on. A poorly maintained irrigation system can result in significant wasted runoff and evaporation. When you consider that the average household consumes 50% of water from the irrigation system, that is a hefty amount of water to be lost. 
With a climate that fluctuates frequently, adjusting your irrigation system can make a world of difference for your turf. What you can expect is a healthy, lush lawn, rather than a yard riddled with brown dead grass. 
Accidentally running lawn mowers over sprinkler heads also wreaks havoc on your irrigation system. Weed eaters and lawn mowers not only continuously rupture sprinkler heads, but also merely brushing up against the heads can alter their arc, leading to uneven water coverage or heads pointing in the wrong direction. 
Accurate Irrigation uses proven methods and top-of-the-line irrigation equipment, so that your system performs optimally for years to come. Not only will you be treated to a gorgeous, green lawn, but you will also save money on your water bills. We are proud to be members of the Sarasota, FL community and continue to thrive with our personalized service. Rely on our friendly team of irrigation experts today.

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